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What Are Living Foods and Why Do I Want To Eat Them?

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

What are living foods?

I have found that this is a common question.  If you are wondering about this, then you are not alone.

Living foods are raw foods.  Raw foods have not been cooked, boiled, stewed, microwaved, baked, flash-frozen or steamed.  These foods have not been heated above 118 F or 48 C.  They contain food enzymes. High temperature cooking and processing food destroys the enzymes and nutrients that allow the food to be efficiently digested.  In order for our body to make use of cooked food it must produce enzymes to aid in the digestion process. As we age, enzyme production diminishes and so we must rely on our diet to provide them.  Stress also destroys enzymes.  Stress damages cells that enzymes in part are required to reconstruct.  Stress also inhibits the body’s ability to produce enzymes. Enzymes are super vital to achieving optimal health.  Enzymes provide us with energy and balance our metabolism.  Enzymes keep us looking and feeling young!  The foods that we want to focus on are fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouts and raw nuts and seeds.

Why do I want to eat them (living, raw foods)?

You want to eat raw foods because the enzymes in raw foods are still intact and so are a vital part of a healthy diet.  Including raw foods in your diet helps you to build and maintain healthy levels of enzymes with very little effort.  Having these enzymes in store helps your body digest foods easier and helps you absorb the nutrients easier.  This alone will give you more energy to do the things that you love to do and will help you stay young! Eating a daily dose of raw foods, reducing stress through proper nutrition and avoiding enzyme-depleting foods are the beginning steps to looking good and feeling great!

I look forward to using this space to share great ideas on including more raw, living foods into your daily diet and also look forward to sharing more great information…recipes too! Please let me know if there are things that you want to learn about. Stay healthy!  Stay happy!

Thanks for reading!

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