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The Powers of Sea Vegetables

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Sea vegetables detoxify, alkalize the blood, cleanse the lymphatic system, breakdown phlegm and are good for the thyroid.  They are helpful when following a weight loss program and helpful for lowering cholesterol and fat in the blood.  Not to forget that sea vegetables revitalize the lungs and gastrointestinal tract.

The minerals and trace elements in sea vegetables are easy for us to absorb and are effective even in small amounts, when taken on a regular basis.

As we all know, certain areas of our oceans are polluted and heavy metals are present.  It is very interesting to note that wherever sea vegetables grow, they do not absorb toxins.  They detoxify and convert the toxic metals to harmless salts and our bodies excrete them through our intestines.  So cool.

So how do you add these mineral-rich foods into your daily diet?

Dulse flakes are something that I always have on hand.  I sprinkle them on my salads and on my grains; really on almost anything that I eat.  Dulse is a good substitute for salt.  It is high in iodine (good for thyroid) and rich in manganese (good for anemia).

Arame can be enjoyed in salads and stir-fries.  It is rich in iodine, and high in calcium and iron.  Arame can help give a clear complexion and soft skin.

Kombu strips are often added to cooking beans to increase digestibility while balance the proteins and oils in them.

Kelp powder is easy to add to raw patés and stews.  It helps with weight loss, high blood pressure, rebalancing hormones, among other things.

Nori is my favourite sea vegetable.  It has the highest protein content and is the most easily digested of the sea vegetables.  It decreases cholesterol, is high in vitamins A, B1 and niacin.  It also aids digestion.

I have a simple, yet delicious recipe to share with you today!  I truly could eat this all day, every day and be completely satisfied.  Click here for the recipe.

Thanks for reading!

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