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Pain in the Ass Parasites

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Honestly, I know.  Parasites are nasty things that can make your life miserable.  But there is hope.  They can be destroyed.

It has become apparent that more people are infested with parasites and harmful micro-organisms than previously suspected.  In order to have true vitality and strong immunity it is important to understand the nature of parasites, the symptoms of parasitic infection, how parasites spread and to have a healing strategy.

I highly recommend that everyone does a parasite cleanse at least once per year, along with a yeast cleanse.

The Nature of Parasites

A parasite refers to any organism that occupies and lives at the expense of another organism, known as the host. The most common types include pinworms, roundworms and tapeworms all of which multiply in a digestive tract that is full of mucus.  It is not uncommon for yeast, fungi, viruses and bacteria to be hanging around with the parasites.  In effect, you could call them all parasites.  Some common health problems caused by these organisms (but not limited to) are

  1. arthritis

  2. diabetes

  3. depression

  4. irritable bowel syndrome

Parasites go around eating up our nutrients, messing up our internal organs, pooping out their wastes all of which stresses our bodies and weakens our immune systems.  It is a misunderstanding that parasites only hang out in our intestines.  In fact, they may get comfortable any where in our body…blood, lymph system, vital organs.  Often they multiply in our intestines first and then move some where else.

Symptoms of Parasitic Infection

Digestive gas bloating belching diarrhea constipation intestinal tract burning and cramping changeable bowel movements irritable bowel syndrome mucus in the stools unable to absorb all nutrients inability to digest fats lactose or gluten intolerance low blood sugar high blood sugar insatiable appetite weak appetite anorexia over-weight under-weight cravings for sweet, burnt and/or crunchy foods

Immune System Dysfunction chronic fatigue weakness frequent colds and flus

Nervous and Muscular System Dysfunction mental fog memory problems sleep disturbances insomnia nose picking teeth grinding (especially during the full moon) hearing loss eyesight impairment joint and muscle aches and pains

Excess Mucus mucus in the stools chronic post nasal drip frequent sinus infections

Exterior Signs allergies skin rashes hives swellings eczema acne white spots around the mouth swelling of the lips blue colouring in the whites of the eyes itching in the anus and the ears

Emotional Signs apathy depression nervousness anxiety restlessness irritability hyperactivity in children

It is quite a challenge to get an accurate lab result when testing for parasites. Lucky (or unlucky) for me, I did not need a lab test when my daughter had them.

My youngest daughter helped me to learn all about parasites when she was 2 years old.  I had no previous knowledge about parasites.  She was learning to use the potty and one day she had a BM on the potty.  Woohoo!  I picked up the potty to dump the contents in the toilet and my eye caught some movement.  I looked closely at the contents and saw many little white things waving up at me.  What a shock that was.  I did not know what was happening.  I nearly dropped the potty.  I was mortified.  I learned that these were pinworms, which are quite common in children.  That night, I was awakened by her crying and screams of pain.  I went to her to console her but not much helped.  The issue was that her bottom was sore.  I looked at it and saw many little white worms crawling out of her anus.  Another shock.  I later learned that the pinworms come out of the anus at night to lay their eggs and then go back in.  I wiped them away with tissue and dabbed tea tree oil and put herbal salve on her bottom.  Poor thing.  This went on for quite some time; every night for over a week.  In the meantime, I learned all that I could.

How Parasites Spread

Major causes are

  1. eating uncooked meat or fish (sushi bars that improperly treat raw fish)

  2. eating undercooked food, especially meat and fish

  3. close physical contact, especially children during play or adults during sexual contact

  4. overuse of antibiotics; antibiotics completely interfere with the healthy gut flora and so allow the parasites to multiply easily

  5. lack of proper hand washing by those infected, especially after going to the washroom

Eggs can easily be breathed in by anyone.  They can be floating in the air.  Also if an infected person has scratched their bum (it is itchy, you know) and eggs get on their hands or under their nails, then the eggs can get any where they touch and anyone can pick them up.  The infected person may then pick their nose or lick their finger and ingest more eggs, starting the cycle all over again.  Many people come in contact with parasites but are generally able to get rid of them without even knowing anything.  If your immune system happens to be low at the time, then the parasites may multiply and start to do their nasty work.

In the case of my daughter, I believe that her immune system was compromised due to taking antibiotics as a very young infant.  She had whooping cough at 6 weeks and was hospitalized 3 times in her first year.  I am not sure that she really bounced back from all of that.  So likely, she picked them up just as any child might but was unable to prevent them from gaining control.  Since we were together all of the time and in very close proximity when she was most infested, I also got them. How did I know I had them?  Let me tell you.  I also had a sore bum.  It was itchy, especially at night and there seemed to be a pressure there that I had not felt before.  I was tired a lot and was hungry a lot.  I even saw them in my underwear one night.  How embarrassing.  How horrible.  Apparently I was not alone.  Many people suffer from parasites but most do not even know it.  I knew that my immune system was also compromised from my dealings with Candida and that that could have been a contributing factor.  Also the stress of my daughter’s first year plus having 2 older children may have had something to do with it.  Oh joy, oh bliss. Not.

Healing Strategy

Parasites affect the whole body chemistry.  This means that until you get rid of the parasites, all of the wonderful treatments you are doing for other ailments will not work.  All of the wonderful herbs and tonics are simply feeding the parasites, making them stronger and weakening you.  So if you are finding that you are treating yourself for arthritis, for example, and nothing is working, you might consider doing a parasite cleanse first and then go back to healing your arthritis.

Here are things I did for my daughter and for myself and some suggestions: -First of all, be aware that parasiticides are harsh chemicals.  We did not use any. They possibly may work but at what cost?  They likely will destroy any good bacteria you may have in your gut. Do not use your microwave because microwave ovens do not heat foods enough to kill parasites and also they denature and put toxins in food.  I actually do not own a microwave. Thoroughly wash your hands after using the bathroom, working in garden soil and before eating or preparing food. Parasites are happy when you are constipated.  There are lots of places to hang out.  If this is you, learn about laxative herbs and foods that will help clean out your digestive tract (oh a great topic for a future post!). -I read that chewing a handful of raw rice for breakfast (and nothing else) thoroughly, could help.  There was no way my toddler could or would do that but I did it.  It basically scrubs the parts in your intestines where the parasites like to hide. Take digestive enzymes to help break down mucus in the digestive tract. Take apple cider vinegar before each meal to balance the acid/alkaline level in the intestines. Eat raw saltless sauerkraut to regenerate the intestines.  I gave my daughter about 1/4 cup at each meal.  Thankfully she liked it and still does. Take a probiotic every day. I used a powder rather than a capsule for my daughter. Chew your food well to help with digestion and absorption and avoid overeating (this creates more mucus which is a no-no). Avoid foods that may carry parasites; undercooked meats, raw fish, vegetables that have been sprayed with fresh manure. Wash produce thoroughly by soaking in a bath of apple cider vinegar; 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar in a sinkful of water. Eat foods that repel parasites such as beets, cabbage, carrots, garlic, leek, onion, radish, fennel, clove, cayenne, sage, ginger, horseradish, thyme, pumpkin seeds.

Herbal Remedies

Take herbal remedies with the life cycle of parasites in mind.

10 days on, 5 days off

Do this a minimum of 3 times but up to 9 times.

1. Eat raw garlic with each meal.  I gave my daughter the Allimax and I also took it.  Plus we also ate raw garlic.  Lots of guacamole. 2. I took citrus seed extract (3 drops) daily.  It gets rid of bacteria and viruses as well.  It can be used long term and is great to take with you when you travel. 3. Drink green juices with aloe vera gel or juice (1-3oz) and spirulina, chlorella or wheat or barley grass.  Aloe vera is very cleansing for the intestines and is helpful in sweeping them out.  Spirulina also helps with the cleansing. 4. Colloidal silver is also an excellent option.  Before antibiotics were around, people used colloidal silver to clear up infections.  Colloidal silver is great for getting rid of parasites.  It seems to work very well for people who have tried ‘everything’. 5. You could also buy a Parasite Cleanse kit online or at your health food store.  Just ensure that it will cover the cycle 3 times at least.

If you live in my area and are looking for some of these products, let me know and I will gladly source them for you.

This is serious stuff, I know.  That is a long list of things but really you must do them if you want to win the war.

Some more things that I did that will help: -Wash sheets daily. -Wash underpants and pants daily. -Vacuum and mop floor, clean bathrooms daily.  I used tea tree oil as well. -Wash toys daily. -Have a sitz bath every night with tea tree oil.  This really helped us get through the night.

Parasites are tough to destroy but I know that eventually you do get rid of them.    We had some more stressful times when my daughter was 4 and broke her femur.  Our immune systems were again compromised and the parasites came back.  We worked diligently at killing the parasites and getting our immune systems strong again.  All together it was several years of treating them.  So yes it can be done.  It comes as no surprise then that I recommend following a parasite cleanse at least once per year would be a very good thing to do.  Just take the herbal remedies above for 3 cycles of 10 days on, 5 days off.  Easy enough, right?  Just do it.  Your body will thank you.

Please feel free to share your experiences and what worked for you, in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

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