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My Raw Dilemma

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

I want to eat as much raw foods as I possibly can because I know that fresh, raw vegetables and fruit are full of important enzymes, vitamins and minerals that improve my overall health.  I know that these fresh raw foods rejuvenate my cells and clean my bloodstream.

This helps me to maintain my weight, gives me more energy and helps me to feel more alive.

Right now it is consistently cold where I live. My furnace has been on for at least a month now. The winter hasn’t even begun yet. 

As much as I love to eat raw foods and as much as I know and feel the benefits, I find that I get too cold when I don’t allow myself to eat any cooked foods. During the colder weather, I do avoid foods that are too cooling (tropical fruits) and eat foods that are in season and more warming.  I end up wearing 2 sweaters, wool socks and a scarf and my lips are still blue. Crazy.

Over time, I have learned that it is important to listen to my body. My body knows what it needs and it tells me.

When I get too cold, what I do is this; I fill my plate with salad and then top it with the healthy cooked vegan foods that I have prepared for my family.  You don’t even need dressing.  It is filling, it is nourishing and it is delicious.  I also like to top my salads with avocado or seed pate  or roll the salad in Nori sheets.  (I remember to consider proper food combining for optimal digestion.)  I always choose organic foods for my family, to increase the vitamins and minerals and to avoid GMO foods.

How I keep this simple is that I keep a large container in the fridge full of salad ingredients ready to go.

By eating this way, it allows me to continue to eat a mostly raw diet and that keeps my body happy.  I can also let go of any feelings of guilt that I may have towards eating cooked foods. It ensures that I avoid reaching for junk food that I definitely don’t want to eat.  I know that what I am eating is best for my body at that moment and I can feel good about that.

I invite you to try eating ‘salad’ for dinner for a week and notice what difference you feel in your body.

Thanks for reading!

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