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5 Easy Ways to Add Coconut Oil to Your Daily Diet

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

My last post was about the benefits of coconut oil.  I imagine that some of you are wondering how to eat more of it. Research has shown that 1-2 tablespoons per day is enough to make a difference to your health.  In some cases up to 5 tablespoons.  I would like to make a few simple suggestions that may help you to add coconut oil to your daily diet.

Remember to choose an organic, unrefined coconut oil such as the one from Maison Orphee.

1.  Eat it off the spoon!  I will bet that you did not think of that!  I think it tastes good, but that is just me.  My family would have a comment or two about that!

2.  Add a tablespoon or two to your morning smoothie.  It will blend easily if you have a high powered blender.  If you do not, you could melt the coconut oil and then pour the liquid in.  To melt the coconut oil, put some in a small bowl and then place the bowl in hot water for a few minutes.

3.  Add melted coconut oil to your morning cereal.

4.  Prepare a salad dressing using melted coconut oil and olive oil and toss with your salad.

5.  Make energy balls, using coconut oil and snack on a few during the day.

Easy, right?  I think so!

Here is a recipe for yummy Energy Balls.

Thanks for reading!

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